NPB competes with qualities such as high product quality, process efficiency, high service level and responsiveness to customer and market needs.

NPB has through its own in-house functions total control over the manufacturing procedure.

NPB Storage Trays

NPB tray system

Our storage trays are compact and fire safe, with a closed construction and a cover on top of the stack to make it dust proof.

Optional traceability

We offer an integrated RFID system to optimize full traceability of  products in production as well as storage and handling.

Lightweight construction

The trays are developed and manufactured using cold rolling  technologies, which give a lightweight, rigid and unique product. The technology also ensures less CO2 output.
The products are well balanced and user friendly with very highdurability and customer oriented design.
One stack consists of 17 trays, 1 bottom tray and 1 cover. The bottom tray has good stability and manages up to three stacks on top of  each other.

Technical specification

Product data:

Height per stack   Up to 1200 mm in total
Space design   Up to 90 000 shells per m3
Flexibility   Handles 200, 202 and 206 shells in the same tray
Stick lenght   1840 mm (72 in)
Sticks per tray   19
Shells per stack   330 000
Weight full stack   Up to 1700 kg (3 750 lb)

Other specifications available on request



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