NPB's business concept is to be a complete and leading supplier of machines and service to the end manufacturing industry for metal cans.

NPB competes with qualities such as high product quality, process efficiency, high service level and responsiveness to customer and market needs.

NPB Service

NPB Service

Our scheduled maintenance includes on-site control and check of our machines, recommended once or twice per year. With your feedback from daily production and our expertise on the machines, we go through the machines to make it work efficient over time.

Our service report provides you a list on components that have been checked, actions done, adjustments and setting changed, as well as recommendations for future preventive maintenance, further actions or repairs.

NPB Robot Service

A service visit with focus on the robot maintenance. The benefit with NPB providing this service, we also include not only the robot but as well look over the complete functionality, including Grippers, positioning are right etc.

We include a day extra for each visit, for you to use for follow up, corrections etc.

All activities are performed by NPB professionals in accordance with our robot suppliers service recommendations, and you get a full service report.

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After Sales Manager

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After Sales

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