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NPB has through its own in-house functions total control over the manufacturing procedure.

NPB Mini Balancer

NPB mini balancer for shells

This machine replaces a manual roll-over-table in end production lines. It balances the flow between two manufacturing processes. The mini balancer can be installed on both new and existing lines as a cost  effective, fully automatic function.


The incoming flows of shells are sorted into sticks by the robot. These sticks are placed and joined to a continuous flow on the out-feed  conveyors. There are several solutions available for buffer functionality to balance the flow.


This machine is built around a reliable robot solution with few active components. It is a state of the art product with very high efficiency, low maintenance and easy for operators to handle.

Technical specification

Product data:

Capacity   4 000 spm
Dimensions, product   Ø50-200 mm (200-709)
Material   Steel or aluminium

Technical data:

Power   3x400-480 VAC/20 A, 50-60Hz
Air pressure   0.6 MPa (87psi)
Control-system   Allen & Bradley/Siemens



Various layout alternatives. Up to 10 in/out-feed lanes.
Handling of multiple products.
Buffer table for sticks of shells.
Internal storage of shells, Drawer System.
Semi Automatic bagging and reintroduction function.
Change over kit for alternative products.



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