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NPB Dynamic End Counter

NPB dynamic end counter

This unique end counter with optical sensors is capable of precision  counting of all types of ends – beverage, food, aerosol, EOE etc. It  automatically adapts to any material/color changes in the end flow and can be used with any end handling equipment.

Exceptional accuracy

The NPB dynamic end counter keeps track of up to 12 000 ends per  minute and automatically adapts to material and/or color changes. The accuracy is extremely high, with max 4/1 000 000 ends.
The device counts the exact number of ends even if the flow of ends stops, reverses, or shakes in front of the sensor.
It is easy to install and can be used with end handling equipment from any manufacturer.

Product options

The NPB dynamic end counter is available in two versions, with  A/B channel or with A/B channel and Ethernet.

Technical specification

Product data:

Dimensions   120 x 34 x 60 mm (4,7 x 1,3 x 2,4 in)
Material   Anodized Aluminium
Weight   400 gr (14,1 oz)
Power supply   10-30 VDC, 0,2 A
Protection class   IP 54
Capacity, max counting speed   12 000 EPM (200 Hz)

Product features DEC:

A and/or B channel and inverted signals, pulse every 10 ends

Product features DEC-E:

A and/or B channel and inverted signals, pulse every 10 ends Dual Ethernet with integrated switch
Power over Ethernet
Splitter Output, 24 VDC, max 0.5 A



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